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Paul Pedersen is a community-minded businessman with a keen financial background.  A 47-year resident of Milwaukee’s North Shore community, Paul is poised to bring sound thinking to Madison and will fight for common sense policies in the State Legislature.  

A small business owner, Paul owns and operates Pedersen Associates, an insurance brokerage firm. He has served as past State Chairman of the Life Underwriting Training Council and Past President of the Milwaukee Association of Life Underwriters. 

He has seen the damaging effects of ill-advised government programs and mandates on small businesses and the negative impact an ever-expanding government has on job creation. 

Paul is a fiscal conservative who believes in smaller government; less regulation to allow for business and entrepreneurs to flourish.

A dedicated public servant, Paul has served on the Nicolet High School Board of Education and the Milwaukee Area Technical College District Board of Managers where he was often a lone dissenter in advocating for fewer taxes, less spending and more accountability. 

Paul will work tirelessly for pro-family, pro-business issues, less taxes, less government, strong education and better streets and highways.

Father of Maggie, 32; Paul Jr, 28 (both graduates of Nicolet High School and University of Wisconsin-Madison); and Joe, 12 (attending Bayside Middle School).  Paul is a graduate of Nicolet High School and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Paul and his wife Luise live in Fox Point.

An Interview with Paul Pedersen

Q.  Why are you running?

Paul Pedersen:  Because I care about what’s going on in the state of Wisconsin. I’m offering  my candidacy to represent the 22nd Assembly District because of my concern that our state is headed in the wrong direction.  I will be an advocate for the voice of the ordinary citizen and taxpayer, for economic, business and job growth and for reduced government spending.   

 Q.  What is your top priority for the state?

Paul Pedersen: Getting people who want to work back to work.  Rebuilding Wisconsin’s economy by increasing job growth and providing tax incentives to state businesses creating new jobs.  History and common sense tell you – tax cuts stimulate the economy. More money in the pockets of the working citizens who earned it means more money spent within our economy. This gives ordinary people more freedom to do what they want to with their own money with less reliance on our government for services and aid, also reducing the size of state government

 Q.  What is your plan to solve the state’s $2.5 billion budget shortfall crisis?

Paul Pedersen:  There is an old adage that says, ‘When you’re in a hole and want to get out, the first rule is stop digging’.  Just as families need to budget based upon a realistic assessment of their income and needs, so too state government needs to make tough choices about the true core responsibilities of state government and eliminate frivolous expenditures such as the $800 million train between Milwaukee and Madison. 

With a substantial portion of the cost of state government going to employee wages and fringe benefits, we need to instill private sector solutions (such as 401(k) retirement plans in place of overly generous pensions) and bring fringe benefits for public workers in line with what average workers receive. 

Q. Do you support an increase in the sales of income tax?

Paul Pedersen:  No, I do not support a sales or income tax increase, particularly during an economic downturn.  Our citizens need to retain more of their own hard earned money, not less. Wisconsin’s overall tax burden remains too high.  If we are to foster true job growth and stimulate the local economy we must be able to make a case that Wisconsin is business-friendly.  By reducing state spending and taxes, establishing tax incentives to attract new and relocated businesses, we can start the revitalization process that is long overdue.

Q.  What concerns do you have with the way in which the incumbent state representative has voted in Madison?

Paul Pedersen:   My opponent voted with her party to increase spending by $5.6 billion dollars.  The only way to start tackling our current problems and moving toward a brighter future is to get Wisconsin back on sound financial footing. Wisconsin does not need more taxes.  Wisconsin needs more jobs, and to get them we need to have to have a better balance in the legislature.
I am running to be your State Representative and ask for the support of Republicans, Democrats and Independent voters alike. We need to examine all good ideas, regardless of source. Then we must debate these ideas honestly and openly.


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